Poor Birth Outcomes May Be Avoided by Wearing a Seatbelt During Pregnancy

Wearing seat belt during pregnancy is safer for unborn baby than not wearing one. It protects the mother and the baby during a car crash. More injuries are likely to both mom and baby should the mother not wear a seat belt and be thrown around or from the vehicle.

pregnancy driving

Health experts always recommend that pregnant women should wear seat belts during pregnancy to avoid many severe complications like miscarriage and preterm birth. According to March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization in the U.S. that stands for the welfare of babies and mothers, more than 170,000 pregnant women are involved in car crashes annually. March of Dimes urges women to follow seat belt safety rules so they can lower the risk of severe injury and save their life as well as that of their baby during the accident.

However, some women concerned about the babies’ safety, are hesitant to use seat belts once pregnant.

To further plead the case of seatbelt use during pregnancy, Dr. Haywood Brown from the Duke Medical Center and colleagues found that pregnant women who don’t wear seat belts are at higher risks of losing their child during a car crash than pregnant women who do.

A 2009 article in USA Today indicates researchers and vehicle manufacturers realize seat belts aren’t the optimal answer to safety for pregnant women and although it’s the best safety device they have, there is room for improvement in the seat belt design for pregnant women.

If you’re concerned about seatbelt safety and comfort during pregnancy, look into the possibility of obtaining a Tummy Shield. Tummy Shields are designed to redirect the belt away from the mother’s womb where baby is and still keep mom and fetus properly restrained while traveling.

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