Consider Your Child’s School District

School Districts play a big role in home buying. For families with school age children this may be a no brainer of course you would want to move into a home within the boundaries of a great school. For buyers without kids it may seem like finding a home within a good school district is inconsequential but there are actually reasons to consider a home purchase in a good school district for all types of buyers and here they are:

  1. You will pay more

One of the biggest things on home buying lists of families is living within a good school district. The education your child receives is a huge and important factor. So families are willing to spend more money to live in the boundaries of top performing schools. Excellent schools drive home prices higher. Just another testament to location being key in real estate.

This doesn’t necessarily seem like a benefit, but it brings us to point number 2.

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  1. Good for Resale

As stated above people pay more for homes in desired locations. Homes located near great schools are desirable to families and when you go to sell you will have a better chance of getting your asking price with a home in a desired location. In a booming housing market you may even receive multiple offers. It is always wise to consider a home’s resale value with any property you purchase but especially if you plan on moving again in the future.

  1. Better Chance of retaining value

We all know that real estate is a good investment but even the real estate market is not a guarantee as we all learned from the recession we are still recovering from. That being said if the market takes a down turn in your area the home within the boundaries of a good school will hold its value better. People want to live where the schools are good as stated above and even if there are two nearly identical houses built by the same developer in the same area on different sides of the school lines. The house within the boundaries for the better performing school will get a better selling price even when the market is slow.

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