Three Things to Know About Safe Driving During Pregnancy

Three Things to Know About Safe Driving During PregnancyThree Things to Know About Safe Driving During Pregnancy

This article’s information comes from a Google Hangout this week posted on our FaceBook Page. The hangout or webinar was hosted/led by the co-founder and CEO of Safe Ride For Kids, Greg Durocher. In the hang out he talks about the following three points:

1) The Existing seat belt in the vehicle was never designed or tested to provide optimal protection for the pregnant woman. Check out these statistics:

-Motor vehicle crashes are the single leading cause of traumatic fetal death (82%).

– Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for seat belts do not address safety for pregnant women.

– Even when the seat belt is worn, and worn properly, a large number of injuries as well as lost pregnancies still occur.

This shows a significant risk to pregnant women while driving whether or not they’re wearing their seatbelt and properly.

2) In the United States alone, there’s an estimated 3,000 women a year who never get to hold their baby because the unborn child was injured in a car crash. That 82% of traumatic fetal death mentioned earlier works out to be the approximate 3,000 babies who will never be held by their mamas. This statistic is an estimate because often a mama is in a car crash but doesn’t get diagnosed with a miscarriage until one, two, up to four weeks after the crash, so the medical field doesn’t necessarily attribute the miscarriage to the car crash but to natural causes.

3) There’s a better way to use the vehicle seatbelt system that makes the system more comfortable and easier to use. Within the normal proper wear of a seatbelt by a pregnant woman, the abdomen gets compressed by a seatbelt in a sudden breaking or crash.

However, when using a Tummy Shield, the seatbelt is redirected in the event of a sudden breaking or crash, making baby and mama much more safe. Additionally, even if a sudden breaking or crash never occurs, the mama is much more comfortable when riding in the vehicle with a Tummy Shield.


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