Safe Ride 4 Kids KickStarter

What’s the KickStarter Campaign?

All about KICKSTARTER:Make a pledge today on our KickStarter Campaign and learn a lot and hopefully save some babies because of it!

When a pregnancy is lost, it is an awful, sad and distressing event. Many women go through more than one miscarriage before they give birth to a healthy baby. However, even when a woman who’s miscarried finally has a good pregnancy, it’s ridden with anxiety. Not all miscarriages are due to car accidents but some are. A momma should never blame herself for a pregnancy lost in a car accident however, we should do all we can to try to prevent a loss. That kind of anguish shouldn’t be wished on any expecting mom. This is why the KickStarter Campaign was started.

Pregnancy loss because of a car accident may be an avoidable experience if expecting moms know the dangers and what to do to make driving as safe as possible.Our project is to create an informational video for caregivers so they can provide information to their pregnant clients about the importance of correctly and safely riding in a car while pregnant.

For every $25.00 pledged (without a perk), five caregivers can be readched.

On FaceBook, we often share little snippets of tips through SafeRideForKids such as this week’s:

Tip of the Week Car Seat Tip #45

Pregnant? Take small snacks and water with you on your journeys as your body now demands better sustenance throughout the day. And your body can swing faster into hunger which could become uncomfortable or even cause feelings of nausea, adding to distractions while driving.

Another Great Tip:

Get yourself a TummyShield if you’re pregnant. It’s a special maternity seat belt device that keeps both mom and unborn baby safe and comfortable while traveling in any vehicle.

Make a Pledge and Save the Babies!

Make a pledge today on our KickStarter Campaign and learn a lot and hopefully save some babies because of it!


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