Pregnancy Pampering

Pregnancy Pampering – Time to Relax

Pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful time. Your body is growing and caring for a precious life! However, it’s no secret that pregnancy brings a lot of challenges for your body as well. Symptoms such as bloating and nausea effect you and so does your ever changing appearance too!

It’s good and healthy to experience the changes in your body as it’s all to accommodate baby. However, with so changes along with your less than glamorous symptoms, there may be times when you feel a little down  or a little less than “comfortable” in your own skin. Whereas you may normally look in a mirror and see the beautiful once thing were, you see that you look beautiful in a “different” way and may only focus on your changing profile, sweatiness from morning sickness or bloating from water retention.Pregnancy Pampering

You must remember though, that even with all the changes, you’re still beautiful. However, it’s totally understandable that you would want to FEEL that way too. For days that you KNOW you’re beautiful but just aren’t FEELING it, here are some ways to pamper your pregnancy:

1) Tell your spouse how you feel. You don’t have to go begging for compliments all the time, but discussing and expressing your insecurities will let them know what’s going on inside of you. Sometimes hearing that they still think you’re beautiful does a lot for how you feel.

2) Get a massage. Check with your doctor first, but usually massages are considered safe and a great way to pamper your pregnancy.

3) Take a warm bath. Warm baths are safer than hot tubs yet still relax and soothe your pregnant body which can help you feel pampered.  Get some scented bubbles and light a few candles!

4) Get a pedi! Getting your nails done is a special treat to make you feel lovely during pregnancy.

5) Wear something pretty. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy. Find a cute maternity outfit and rock it!

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