Are Seat Belts Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Are Seat Belts Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

You bet they are! In fact, it’s more dangerous not to.  The best way to protect you and your unborn child in a moving vehicle is by wearing a seat belt. The key to making it an optimally safe situation however is by wearing the seatbelt properly positioned. How can you do this? By acquiring a maternity seat belt adjuster such as Tummy Shield.

If you were to get in a crash and have a seatbelt improperly placed across or above your belly, a sudden jolt could cause the placenta to tear away from the uterus or cause other injuries. Tummy Shield guarantees you’re wearing your seatbelt properly every time better ensuring the safety of you and baby.pregnancy and seatbelts

In addition to your Tummy Shield seat belt adjuster, air bags can offer additional protection, so make sure that if you have them, they’re always turned on. Please realize, however, that air bags do NOT replace the need to wear a seat belt properly positioned. Air bags can actually be quite dangerous if you’re not properly buckled.

When driving while pregnant, you should adjust the front seat so that you’re far away from the steering wheel and dashboard but still able to reach the pedals comfortably. If you’re able to adjust your steering wheel, tilt it up and away from your growing belly. By tilting the steering wheel up and away, should the air bag deploy, it will make contact with your chest rather than your tummy.

Last but not least, if you should find yourself in a car accident, see your doctor right away. Even if you feel fine, it’s critical to make sure that both and baby are okay.

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