Too Cool For a Boost? How ‘Bout a Vest?

Too Cool For a Boost? How ‘Bout a Vest?

As the car seat laws and recommendations keep evolving to encourage parents to keep their little ones in car seats longer (8 yrs old, 4’9″, 100 lbs), many parents hear the groans from their “big kids” that they’re too big for car seats and car seats are for babies. Especially when your child is required to meet two of the three criteria (8yrs old, 4’9″, 100 lbs) to graduate from the car seat, I’ve even heard many parents even joke that they’re going to have to drop off their petite 16 yr old daughter at high school in full view of their crush, climbing out of her booster seat. AH! Horrifying embarrassment major!safe rider vest

While the second circumstance is extreme though possible, there is a fair solution for the typical “big kid” who is too cool for the traditional car seat, the Ride Safer Travel Vest. The Ride Safer Travel Vest is an easy, safe, convenient and legal child restraint/booster seat alternative. Now your big kid can pull up proudly to the school yard and instead of climbing off their booster seat, they can get out of their super hero/ stunt man vest that will be the talk of the play ground. Big kids don’t need a boost, they don a vest!

Ride Safer Travel Vests are ideal for larger or older children and special needs children yet still work great for children of all ages and are extremely convenient for vacations or playing musical car seats…you know, when you have different people picking up your child from school or sports practice and have to do the cumbersome car seat vehicle swap? UGH! Not a problem with the light weight and compact travel vest!

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