Tummy Shield

The Tummy Shield® has been designed to redirect the seat belt away from a woman’s abdomen while she is driving or riding in a car.

Nothing can be more uncomfortable than having a seatbelt around your pregnant belly. Motor vehicle crashes account for 4 to 5 deaths that occur among unborn babies of pregnant women who experience trauma, according to the Journal of American Medical Association.

Tummy Shield

Automobile crashes are the largest single cause of death for pregnant women and the beating cause of dramatic fetal injury mortality in the United States according to the US National Library of Medicine.

It’s time to start protecting your baby from the very beginning.

When driving in a car vehicle seatbelts become more and more uncomfortable with growing baby belly to the point that some women simply will not wear a seatbelt. This becomes more and more dangerous.

Enter the Tummy Shield®

This is an easy to use the belt positioning device to keep the seatbelt off of the abdomen. Designed by an Australian engineer and the father of four young children, the Tummy Shield® has been through exhaustive testing procedures in some of Australia’s most respected facilities. This easy to use, comfortable, and simple site device could save the life of your unborn child or protect them from a severe brain spinal injury as well as be amazingly comfortable for your car ride.


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