Car Seats and Safety Gear

Ride Safer Travel Vest® is a legal and different way for your child to ride in the car. No more lugging those big car seat in and out especially for carpools and friend ride. This vest fits on and continuously hold the seatbelt properly on the child. The vest attaches to the child and can be removed, packed away, and easily worn.RideSafer vest

The RideSafer® Travel Vest legal and meet or exceed all safety crash tests and requirements for a child restraint system.

Our vest is better because it holds the seatbelt properly on the child, it lowers their center of mass in the seat which beneficially changes crash dynamics and easy to use correctly every time. It’s easy for the child to wear and have it with them going to school, a friend’s house, or in a long-distance car ride. It’s easy to carry, lightweight and easy to store just like a coat.

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