Car Seat Installation

car seat installation

You’ve selected your car seat, now it’s time for car seat installation.

According to Safe Kids, 75 % of parents get their car seat installation wrong. It’s understandable, there are a lot of factors to a proper install and every seat and car multiply those factors.


Front seat or back seat? Obviously, car seats should be installed in the back seat. It’s the safer place in the car for all children up to 13 years old.

Which seating position? The center seating position is the safest place in the vehicle so that is the best location for installing your car seat. If you have more than one child, put the youngest or least protected in the center.

Light reading

Read your vehicle owner’s manual. Read your car seat manual. These will give you specifics for your particular car and seat situation.

This way or that

Put the seat in the vehicle facing the correct direction for your child’s car seat stage, either rear or forward facing. Put the seat belt or LATCH through the correct belt path for the position you are using it in.


Car seats have different angles they must be installed at depending on if the seat is rear or forward facing. Seats will have some sort of angle indicator like a sticker with a line or a bubble with a specific range. Be sure to have your car parked on a level surface so you can tell if the level indicator is accurate.

Securing the seat with seat belt

  1. Route the seat belt through correct belt path.
  2. Buckle it.
  3. Check the angle indicator.
  4. Lock the seat belt.
  5. Tighten the seat belt so the seat moves less than one inch at the belt path.

Securing the seat with LATCH

  1. Route LATCH strap is through correct belt path .
  2. Connect the LATCH clips to the anchor points
  3. Check the angle indicator.
  4. Tighten the LATCH strap by removing excess webbing until the seat moves less than one inch at the belt path.


Car seat experts recommend using the tether strap for forward facing installations.

Extra peace of mind

Have your install checked by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

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