What to Pack for Spring Break with the Kids

What to Pack for Spring Break With Kids

It may only be January, but spring break will be here before you know it and many of us will be preparing to go away. No matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be gone, you’re most likely going to need some sort of essentials packed when traveling with young ones. Following is a good list of essentials to pack when traveling:

What to Pack for Spring Break With Kids

Earplugs – they will help protect you from noise during transportation whether in the airport or train station or bus station. Also ear plugs are “great in flight conversation stoppers”.

Vaseline – dry air on the airplane and hot sun of tropics can often cause chapped lips. Save yourself some discomfort with Vaseline or a basic lip balm.

Dramamine or the like – This may really save your travelling experience, especially on the longer trips or if you are going to an amusement park. There is a wide variety of options for motion sickness prevention and relief available: patches, pills, bracelets and much more.travel with kids

Melatonin – If you are traveling into a different time zone, Melatonin will help you get better sleep and it’s great for jet lag.

Sunscreen – Whether you are going to the beach or a ski resort sunscreen always comes handy. Additionally, it IS still possible to get a nice tan while wearing sunscreen depending on the amount of SPF in it.

Digestive aid – Exposure to different or unusual foods as well as various bacteria may cause stomach upset and ruin a trip. There are many options available over the counter to prevent and treat nausea, heartburn, gas and diarrhea.

First aid essentials – All you need is the basics: painkillers, Band-Aids, antiseptic and of course, your prescription medications!

Repellents – This is especially important if you are travelling to tropical destinations. Repellents will help you to keep away mosquitos and other unpleasant bugs.

Ride Safer Travel Vest – This is a traveling with kids lifesaver! It’s light weight, easy to pack in any bag or suitcase and can fit in all vehicles! It’s a way better option than lugging a car seat or booster seat!

Have a great spring break trip with tons of memories to last a life time!


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