Staying Safe While Pregnant

Today, there are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy. One minute you shouldn’t eat peanut butter, then the next peanut butter is fine. It’s a roller coaster to try and keep up with all one has to do while pregnant. But, one thing is for certain, trying to stay safe is usually a priority for most pregnant moms. Not going on death defying amusement rides or traveling too far into your pregnancy are all good moves but so is simply driving in your car.Staying Safe While Pregnant

Most moms or would-be moms don’t stop driving unless they have been given orders by their doctor. Unless they are bed ridden, most pregnant women still want to drive and it can be safe far into your third trimester. But then there’s that pesky seat belt that gets in the way, cuts off circulation and really is just plain uncomfortable. Then you start to think about the baby. That belt is right across your abdomen. What happens if there is an accident?

Even the safest of drivers have no control over another driver that may be out of control. In in those split seconds that tragedy can happen.

It’s like an alarm system.. most people don’t get one until after they have been burglarized. But then it’s too late.  The same is true with being as safe as possible for you and the baby during pregnancy.

Enter the Tummy Shield. This does exactly what you would think; shield the tummy and redirects the seatbelt away from the pregnant belly.  It wraps around the legs instead of the belly making it better and safer for mom while she drives or rides in the car.

The seatbelt is moved to the upper thigh instead of the belly and it’s actually better than a typical seatbelt as it hold the mother and baby in better protecting them from damage. Over 3000 babies are lost each year due to serious car crashes and the seatbelt. Why not avoid all that from the beginning?

You can use a Tummy Shield the moment you feel that a typical seatbelt is uncomfortable.  Start now by protecting yourself and your baby with the Tummy Shield. Visit the website to learn more and to see videos of how the Tummy Shield works and why.

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