Save the Babies!

Save the Babies!

When it comes to pregnancy and having a healthy fetus and healthy momma we hear about the importance of prenatal care. This usually includes the importance of:

-prenatal vitaminsdriving during pregnancy even riskier

-abstaining from alcohol, smoking or too much caffeine

-safe exercise

-regular doctor’s visits

-good nutrition and safe foods for pregnancy

But are we missing something? We’ve covered eating, exercise, things that are safe to consume during pregnancy….Heck! We are even told preferred ways of sleeping such as on our sides instead of our back or tummy for proper blood flow and less cramping of limbs!

However, what’s one very important aspect of our lives that should be considered when we’re pregnant? Travel. Not only travel, but the most popular way of traveling which most of us use every day…riding in a vehicle pregnant.

Did You Know?

Did you know that of the reported 5.6 million traffic accidents every year (millions more go unreported), 170,000 involve pregnant women, of which 116,000 say they were hurt?

We know that each year car seats save approximately 350 children between the ages of birth to four years old and 492 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. But, how many unborn babies could possibly be saved?

If Tummy Shield could save just a third of the estimated 3,000 pregnancies lost every year shouldn’t parents hear about it? Think about it…that’s 1,000 babies each and every year!

When you’re driving or riding in a vehicle while pregnant, you want to keep you and baby comfortable and safe. Tummy Shield is a huge part of accomplishing that and more and more moms are beginning to use it.

It’s certainly worth downloading their free e-book, reading reviews or learning more about it here.

If you’re pregnant, congratulations! This is a special and important time of your life! Please take care of your unborn baby and their beautiful momma!


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