Three Tricks to Staying Comfortable in the Car While Pregnant

Three Tricks to Staying Comfortable in the Car While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a fact of life. So are road trips. Both can be great fun as well as cause a lot of apprehension. This article will focus on three tricks to ease the apprehension and help you be comfortable so that you can focus on having great fun! So, are you pregnant and planning on a road trip?! Great! Here’s your three tricks to staying comfortable in the car while pregnant:

Create a Pregnancy Car Kitpregnant-244662_640

– bottled water

-healthy snacks

-neck pillow for napping (when you’re the passenger)

-slippers or socks to slip into (when you’re the passenger)

-waterproof bags for possible moments of motion sickness

-baby wipes

Plan for Frequent Potty Breaks and Stretching

Plan to take a break about every 90 minutes. Take the opportunity to stretch and do a little walking. You may need to stop more frequently for restroom breaks. When sitting for long periods of time, it’s important to keep the blood circulating and to stay hydrated to prevent swelling of a the limbs while pregnant. You need to break for movement to keep blood circulating (reducing the risk of blood clots and muscle cramps) and if you’re drinking the water from your pregnancy car kit, you’ll need those potty breaks.

Get Yourself a Tummy Shield

To stay comfortable while riding in the car you may want to recline your seat or wear shoes that you can easily slip off ( assuming you’re the passenger). Whether you’re the passenger or the driver, a pregnancy must-have for staying comfortable during a car ride is a Tummy Shield. Tummy Shields redirect the seatbelt away from the abdomen, and instead to the thighs and pelvic area. This protects baby more and makes mama a lot more comfortable.


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