Five Must Have Safety Devices for Your Kids

Five Must Have Safety Devices for Your Kids

Protecting your child is the most important thing to you. You love them and would do anything to keep them safe. Thankfully, this day and age we have a lot of ingenius help to that end. Check out these five must have devices for keeping your kiddos safe.

1) Grobag Egg Changes Color To Monitor Room TemperatureFive Must Have Safety Devices for Your Kids

It’s important that your baby’s room is neither too hot or too cold and this Grobag Egg let’s you know at a glance what the condition of the room is by changing color.

No longer do parents have to sneak into their sleeping baby’s room with the stealth of a ninja and risk potentially waking up their light sleepers by touching their forehead, belly or back to see if they’re over heated or too cold. Just glance at the egg, then make adjustments to the thermostat as needed.

2) DoCoMo SA800i Kid Safety Phone

We all worry about our kids getting lost, but we may be able to rest a little easier with this gadget. These phones are bright and exciting and feature an attack alarm ring that’s hooked up to a fun pull out ring. They also have a GPS system so you can track your kids. This is not a normal cell phone…it’s kid safe and kid focused….think in terms of the Fisher Price digital camera….just as that brings the ability for kids to have a camera. This gadget makes it possible for kids to have a phone without having a “grown up phone”.

3) Kiddo Kidkeeper

They have virtual fences for pets….and now they have them for your kiddos as well. Smart Target created a user friendly child proximity alarm locator which allows parents to keep tabs on their kids at all times. Simply set a boundary area with the Kiddo Kidkeeper and your kiddos can play freely outside without parents monitoring their whereabouts.

A transmitter is hooked up to as much as four little ones and a receiver is carried by the parent. The only difference between this and a pet fence? Your kids won’t get zapped if they wander too far. Instead, an alarm sounds for the parent and a display shows the parent where they are.

It IS a great idea, but won’t prevent kidnapping, which is why it’s only suitable in certain situations and you should still supervise your kids as much as possible. It may be more ideal for older children.

4) Smart Kids ID Bracelets

These bracelets have a unique QR code connected to your contact information etched on them. They’re the “modern I.D. bracelet”. You can also add child’s allergies or medical conditions to the online information.

5) Ride Safer Travel Vest

These travel car seats are a great alternative to the traditional car seat or booster seat. They’re light weight, comfortable and easy to pack should you be traveling via air plane.


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