What Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

What Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

So, there are certain things you should never say to a pregnant woman such as, “You look like you’re about to pop!” or ” are you having twins?” However, if we’re not supposed to say those things, what should we say when we run into our pregnant friends? Here’s a list of the top 10 things pregnant women love to hear!

1) You’ve never looked better! You’re absolutely glowing!

What Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear2) You can’t possibly be almost due already! You’re so tiny!

3) You are gorgeous!

4) You’re all belly! From any other angle, no one would even know you’ re pregnant!

5) You are truly blessed by God!

6) You will make a fantastic mom!

7) Can I help you with anything? Help you organize for baby or watch your kids for awhile while you go get a pedicure?

8) Children are so amazing! You’ll never regret this!

9) If you think your tummy is growing, just wait until you see how your heart grows!

10) Now, that we’ve registered for baby. Let’s get some things that are just for you! How about a massage pillow, a pedicure, a new maternity outfit, or a Tummy Shield? (As a travelsafewithkids.com blog, we really like the last suggestion 😉 …and so will mother to be.)

I can almost guarantee that if you try any of these ten suggestions on your pregnant friend or relative you might just get to be the first one to hold that precious little bundle of joy!

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