Traveling Car Seats for Toddlers

Traveling Car Seats for Toddlers

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Traveling car seats for toddlers are a very important element of any and every trip with your little one. They say our children are “precious cargo” and for good reason! It’s so completely true! When you’re traveling, you pack all your clothes and toiletries in the finest, high quality luggage, why wouldn’t you do the same with your most “precious cargo”? Travel car seats for toddlers should be safe, practical and comfortable. Let’s take a look at these three requirements for traveling car seats for toddlers and see how five point harness seats, booster seats and travel vests compare in each category.


Five Point Harness seats are definitely considered the most common safe choice when dealing with little ones. This is because there’s more than just a lap/shoulder belt holding them in and most toddlers haven’t yet “figured out” how to unbuckle them while strapped in.

Booster Seats are usually considered safe for most toddlers. Their minimum height requirement is usually 38″ to 40″ and their minimum weight requirement is 30-40lbs, depending on whether you get a backless one or not. However, there’s been many a “busy child” who quickly figures out how to either wiggle their way out of the seat belt or simply push the red button and unbuckle it.

Travel Vests are very safe. They are worn by the child as a vest and correctly position the car’s seatbelt over the child while keeping their center of gravity low. This alone, beneficially changes the crash dynamics. The way it positions the car’s seat belt also protects their internal organs and reduces head excursion by allowing child to sit DIRECTLY on the vehicle’s seat.

Better option!
Better Option


Five Point Harness seats are less than practical when it comes to traveling unless you’re going on a road trip. Their cumbersome to carry through air ports or switch between numerous vehicles and they can get damaged in cargo.

Booster Seats are a little more practical (at least the backless ones are) as they’re smaller and lighter but if you’re flying, they may still need to be checked into the cargo/baggage area where damage can happen to them.

Travel Vests are the most practical because they are VERY light weight and can be folded and slipped into a diaper bag or other carry on.


Five Point Harness seats are comfortable for the child as they have sides to lean on and a well padded seat that conforms to their little body.

Booster Seats are not always the most comfortable especially for a sleeping child, because they have nothing to lean on and slump over often causing their neck to hang over the shoulder belt.

Travel Vests are comfortable because the child wears the vest made of soft fabric and padding, so it conforms to their body. Additionally some come with neck pillows or headrests for extra comfort.


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