Heat Stroke, Kids, and Cars

Heat Stroke, Kids, and Cars

It’s summer time and we hear it on the news more often than we’d like….a parent or caregiver leaves their child in the car and the child becomes over heated, sometimes to the point of death. You may think that would never happen to you, but we’re all human…our routines get interrupted on a stressful morning commute or we think to ourselves, “I’m just running into the store for a minute”. No matter, what the situation may be, it’s important we’re all aware of the risks and consequences of leaving kids in cars ESPECIALLY on hot days.

RISKY How-to-Keep-Your-Kids-Safe-in-and-Around-the-Car Heat Stroke, Kids, and Cars

  • a car can heat up 20 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes.
  • cars do not keep very cool by only cracking the window.
  • your car can heat up to well above 110 degrees even if it’s only 60 degrees outside.
  • children’s body temps can rise up to five times faster than adult’s.
  • heat stroke can happen even if it’s only 57 degrees outside
  • children die when their temperature reaches 107.


  • children can die.
  • misdemeanor with high fines and even imprisonment depending on the state.
  • felony depending on the state if harm comes to kids left alone in a hot car.

The age of kids that can be left unattended in vehicles varies depending on the state. This is also true of the amount of time a child can be left alone in the car.


  • don’t leave kids alone in the car.
  • don’t let kids play in an unattended vehicle.
  • NEVER leave infants or kids in a parked vehicle, even with windows cracked open.
  • keep a large soft toy such as a stuffed animal or doll in the car seat when it’s empty. When you place a child in the car seat, move the toy to the front seat as a visual reminder.
  • if someone other than usual drops your child off at childcare, have that person call the usual person when they drop them off to ensure they were not left in the car.
  • always look in the front and back of your car before locking it and walking away.


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