New Model of the RideSafer, a Child Restraint/Car Seat Alternative, Available

Denver, CO/Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

The new 3rd generation model of the Ride Safer Travel Vest 2 and 3 are redesigned for comfort, better fit and positioning of the car seat belt.


The new version of the Ride Safer Travel Vest comes in new color schemes with a new air mesh fabric for better air flow and a cooler more comfortable ride for the child.

The existing RideSafer Travel Vest version 2 and 3 are still available in the original Roseboa fabric and blue and pink colors.

The new version is designed to work seamlessly with airplane seat accessory straps and is currently undergoing testing for FAA approval for use on airplanes.

Safe Ride 4 Kids Principal Greg Durocher says, “Once the FAA testing is complete and approval granted the Ride Safer Travel Vest is going to revolutionize airline travel with small children.”

If the FAA approves the vest for airline travel it will eliminate lugging bulky car seats through airports and down the center aisle of an airplane along with your carry on luggage not to mention your kids! Imagine vacation travel with kids wearing their child safety restraint system and seamlessly transferring from car to airplane to taxi.

The Ride Safer Travel Vest, a easy and safe car seat booster seat alternative, is tested, safe and approved by the federal government for use in cars.

The federal government sets performance criteria for how much crash energy is experienced by a child during crash. They do this by requiring the manufactures to crash test their products and measure the results. FMVSS 213 is the federal standard which sets the performance criteria for child restraints. It requires that manufacturers measure crash energy at several different locations on an instrumented crash test dummy. Those locations are listed under the column heading “Injury Criteria”. “Compliance Requirement” is the column which states the maximum amount of energy that can be measured at a given point and still meet the standard. The RideSafer Travel Vest is tested as a harness as prescribed by FMVSS 213.

Safety specifications are available on the Ride Safer Travel Vest website.

You will notice that both versions of the RideSafer® Travel Vest perform very well, as its results are well below — sometimes by half or more — of the standard maximums allowed.

Safe Ride 4 Kids is a US Distributor for child car safety products including the RideSafer Travel Vest. Visit for additional information and details about the new version of the child safety vest and information regarding safe travel with kids.

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