5 Reasons You Should INVEST in the Vest!

5 Reasons You Should INVEST in the Vest!

You’ve heard of the Ride Safer Travel Vest, but you’re still skeptical or maybe just not good with change. Whatever the reason, here are five reasons you just may want to invest in the vest!

1. Safety.  There’s a reason this is the number one reason. Safety is the point of any child restraint system! The Ride Safer Travel Vest correctly positions the seatbelt on your child while keeping their center of gravity low in the car’s seat which benefits the crash dynamics. Over currently available products, The Ride Safer Travel Vest improves safety and design.5 Reasons You Should INVEST in the Vest!

2. Convenience and Comfort. Let’s be honest. If convenience and comfort weren’t on this list, the list simply wouldn’t be very convincing. It’s convenient because it’s light weight, easy to pack, and can easily and quickly be put into any vehicle correctly. Additionally, you can even EASILY fit three in a row in the back seat of even the most compact cars!

It’s comfortable because it’s adjustable strap fits growing children and it’s padded for comfort.  For long rides, version 2 comes with an adjustable neck pillow.

3. Makes Travel Easy. Traveling has never been so easy! Imagine…no more hauling booster seats or car seats through the airport OR checking them! The Ride Safer Travel Vest is light weight and folds up to store in any carry on.

Additionally, you don’t have to rent or buy a child restraint system when you get to your destination. You can trust that you have your own and it’s safe and clean.

4. Perfect for Special Needs. The Ride Safer Travel Vest is an excellent option for keeping children safe that need assistance with sitting properly in a vehicle due to physical limitations.

5. It’s super cool! Last, but certainly not least, the RideSafer Travel Vest mimics space suits or race car drivers with its stylish look! What kid wouldn’t want to use one?!


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