Why You NEED a Ride Safer Travel Vest

Why You NEED a Ride Safer Travel Vest

Ride Safer Travel Vests are ingenious  child restraint systems used as an alternative to the traditional car seat or booster seat. So why do you need one? There are several  excellent reasons:Too Cool For a Boost? How 'Bout a Vest?

1. They’re Great for Flying With Kids who Need Car Seats. You don’t have to lug car seats through the airport or check them. Travel vests fold up neatly in your carry on and are light weight. They’re also a lot easier to install in any vehicle than many car seats and you don’t have to worry about renting or buying a car seat or booster seat while on vacation.

2. Big Kids Prefer Them. These days safety laws and car seat regulations are stricter than when we were growing up. In most cases children up to EIGHT years old are STILL required to sit in a car seat or some other restraint system. This is not something they’re usually excited about. However kids, LOVE travel vests!

3. They’re Great Continued Car Safety for Children With Special Needs. If you have a special needs child, you know how hard it can be when it comes to safety and ease of traveling in the car. Ride Safer Travel Vests are a great and easy way to ensure that your child is properly restrained in any moving vehicle.

Check out these amazing alternatives to the traditional car seat and booster seat. You’ll be glad you did. For more information related to the Ride Safer Travel Vest check out these other excellent articles:

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