Car Seat Rental

Car Seat Rental

Traveling with kids is fun but lugging around and/or preparing for all of their necessities is not. Car seats are one of these items.

Some parents don’t want to lug a heavy car seat from home, risking damage in the cargo hold and so on so they opt for renting. However, car rental agencies charge a pretty penny…up to around $15 per day for a car seat. This means that after a few days of renting, you could spend as much as a brand new car seat costs!

In addition to the cost of renting a car seat is another potential down fall; it’s condition. The car seat could be unsafe and unclean. Let alone the joy of trying to figure out how to install it properly into the rental car.

Besides all this, how many of you have gone to the car rental agency to pick up the car you RESERVED only to find out that demand was high that day and they’re all out and you have to take another car? Guess, what? It happens with car seats too. Even if you reserve one, if the demand was too high by the time you get there, you’ll be out a car seat and stuck trying to figure out how to get your toddler from the car rental agency to your next point safely.

The stress for traveling with children is magnified when a critical travel safety component is missing. Although safety laws do indeed vary by state, all states DO require care seats depending on a child’s age and weight.

Fret not! There is an answer to this dilema!

The answer is the Ride Safer Travel Vest. It’s light weight and easy to carry, three of them fit nicely across the back seat of an economy sized car, and you can store them easily (just hang them like you hang a coat).

It has been crash tested and meets or exceeds all FMVSS 213 crash test requirements for a child restraint system. It continually holds the seatbelt properly on the child. It is also easy to use correctly EVERY TIME. It makes traveling a DREAM.

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