Top Pregnancy Essentials

Top Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy is part of the circle of life so why not make the experience a little more delightful? Following are SEVEN of the top essentials for a fabulous pregnancy.driving while pregnant

Belly Buds: Over the years, it’s not uncommon for people to put head phones on their tummy’s to play music or books on tape for your developing little one. We all have heard the importance and significance of providing stimulation for your little one in this way. Belly Buds are great for this purpose as they have adhesive rings that stick to the belly and a splitter that connects mom to the same music that is being shared with baby. Belly Buds also fit comfortably under clothing.

Kick Track: Gadget loving moms can use Kick Track to count and time their baby’s movements and keep a log. Kick Track can also serve as a pregnancy counter for the last 99 days and time contractions when labor begins.

Pinard Stethoscope: This is a trumpet shaped device traditionally used by midwives to listen to baby’s heart beat. It’s shape provides for its acoustics. This is a handy and in expensive gadget to make pregnancy a little more entertaining for you and your partner.

Bio Bands: Morning sickness got you down and your breakfast “up”? Ugh. It’s one of the annoying aspects of early pregnancy. Bio Bands can help. It causes pressure points on the wrist that are said to relieve nausea.

Prenatal Cradle: You’ll need this when you feel like the baby could surely just fall out from between your legs at any time. This cradle helps your muscles carry the weight providing for some relief.

B-Buckles: B-Buckles are life savers for those who dread the “maternity jean”. These guys allow you to continue wearing your pre pregnancy designer jeans. It grows with your belly by looping around your button holes and snapping in place.

Tummy Shield: Tummy Shield is a seat belt positioner for the mommy to be. It keeps both mommy and baby safer and more comfortable during car rides.

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