What’s New in Ensuring a Safe Pregnancy?

What’s New in Ensuring a Safe Pregnancy?

Once you’re pregnant, it’s more important now than ever before to keep yourself and the life inside of you safe. As a mother, you want to do all you can to protect the life growing inside of you. This means watching what you eat, taking prenatal vitamins, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, and saying no to alcohol. It also means discontinuing smoking if you do so, cutting back on your caffeine intake and seeing your dentist. But, is that all there is? What else can a mom to be who is already hopelessly in love with her unborn child do to help ensure their precious life?tummyshieldstep1

One thing you may not have thought of  is safety during travel. Long car rides can take a toll on a pregnant body and when a pregnant body is stressed so is the unborn baby. Follow these tips to make traveling by car while pregnant safer and more comfortable for you and baby:

Prepare a Preggo Travel Kit. Include in your kit:

  • -bottled water
  • -healthy snacks
  • -ear plugs and neck pillow
  • -slippers or slipper socks
  • -water proof bags for motion sickness
  • -baby wipes

Next,  keep your blood circulating by pulling over at rest areas and walking around a bit. Stretching your muscles will keep you from getting cramps or worse, blood clots.

Lastly, consider buying a Tummy Shield, an easy to use seat belt positioning device to keep the seat belt off the abdomen of pregnant women. It’s safer and more comfortable for mom and baby. Should you have to stop suddenly when traveling at high speeds, you do not want the seat belt to put pressure on your  unborn child or the placenta. The Tummy Shield causes the seat belt to hug your thighs protecting your baby and placenta from seat belt impact.


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