Continued Car Safety for Children with Special Needs

Continued Car Safety for Children with Special Needs

What do you do when you have an older child with special needs such as cerebral palsy, autism or spinal cord problems but is too old and/or too large for a traditional car seat? Children like this require adaptive car seats or restraints for continued safety in vehicles.RideSafer safe rider vest

The Ride Safer 2 is a great way to keep an older or larger child safe when riding in vehicles. For only $135-$145 this travel vest is a wearable booster seat that can be used with a lap/shoulder belt or lap belt and a tether which comes with the vest. This product is crash tested and EXCEEDS all Federal standards. This product also comes with a detachable head rest and an adjustable crotch strap.

Check out what Matt from had to say about this product:

“I’ve owned the Ride Safer Travel Vest now for nearly 2 years and have been Very Happy With It! This Is An Excellent Product!! One of the best I have ever used and I’ve used a lot of car-seats including other portable harness types and this is by far the Best Car-Seat alternative that I’ve ever seen!! It is very high quality made from long lasting durable materials. I found it very easy to use without any issues. Just take 5 mins parents and read the directions practice a few times and your good to go! Your child’s safety is worth It! I work with a large variety of children including some with autism and other special needs and this vest has been a Fantastic Product to use that far exceeded my expectations. I’ve had kids as young as 7 and as old as 12 use this vest and they All Love It!! Many kids don’t want to take it off and have asked me to wear it outside the car just for fun. They tend to think of it as a jet pack or parachute harness and the slick colors and American like flags on it were very appealing to the boys. All the children I’ve had use the RSTV have found it very comfortable to wear.”

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