Taking Car Seats on Vacation

Taking Car Seats on Vacation

Vacations are great, but when you’re traveling with little ones one of the biggest hassles of the adventure is toting along the car seat or booster seat. They’re cumbersome, heavy and sometimes simply impossible to tote around!travel car seat

Think about visiting a place like New York for example. How on earth are you going to tote a five point harness car seat AND a stroller AND your three year old down the busy streets of Manhattan while or until you hail a cab to your next sightseeing destination? Have you ever thought about that? What do parents do who live in or visit the city? It’s simply not practical to have a traditional car seat in such a scenario.

Well, there is a solution. The solution is the Ride Safer Travel Vest. The Ride Safer Travel Vest is a wearable booster seat that brings the seat belt down to the child’s level while a traditional booster seat raises the child up to the seat belt’s level.

This means no more lugging car seats through airports, no more checking car seats at the air port (you can pack Ride Safer Vest right into your child’s luggage or carry on), and no more worrying about your child’s safety NO MATTER WHERE YOU TRAVEL!

See what Judith M.,  a grandmother who posted a review on ridesafertravelvest.com had to say:

”I purchased RideSafer car seats for our grandchildren. We love them! They are really easy to use and convenient to take with us on vacation. They are small enough to fit in our suitcase, and they are easily fitted into any rental car. This is our second set of Ride Safer seats. We LOVE them!”

Ride Safer Travel Vests really are a great option for today’s on the go family.

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