Finally, A Safer Way to Travel While Pregnant

As we all know, statistically, it is more dangerous to travel by car than by airplane. What then, is a woman to do to ensure safety when driving while pregnant? Is there a danger when you mix pregnancy and seat belts?

seatNow pregnant women can use the Tummy Shield™ for their automobile travels. Specially designed to reduce the risk of injury to mother and her unborn child, the Tummy Shield™ diverts the seat belt pressure away from the tummy area to the thigh and pelvis areas.

During a crash or sudden breaking, even at low to moderate speeds, seat belts can cause serious injury, whether mom is behind the wheel or is a passenger. According to the Journal of the AMA, “Motor vehicle crashes account for four of five deaths that occur among unborn babies of pregnant women who experience trauma.”

Designed, patented and tested in Australia, the Tummy Shield™ was invented by an Australian engineer and father of four, with the pregnant mother in mind; the health of herself and her baby the prime concern.

‘Seat belts, as originally designed and traditionally used, are intended to keep mom safe and by default, keep baby safe,” says Greg Durocher, CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids. Unfortunately, evidence does exist that the seat belt can “in fact contribute to certain types of injuries to mom and baby,” says Durocher.

Traveling with kids whether in utero or older needs to be both safe and fun! The Tummy Shield™ is worth the investment for you or anyone you know who is pregnant. For more information, visit

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