Booster Seat Alternative Is Good Solution for Special Needs Children

Safe Ride 4 Kids offers parents of children with special needs a new way to protect their children while in a vehicle with the revolutionary RideSafer® Travel Vest.

special needs car seatCHANDLER, Ariz. – The RideSafer® Travel Vest is a soft wearable vest which correctly positions the seat belt to the child sitting on the vehicle seat. For those who require extra upper body support or restraint such as children with special needs, the version 2 comes with a tether which hooks into a tether anchor point in the vehicle.

“Our son is special needs and this is the best, safest, most comfortable for him, and easiest way for us to make sure he’s safe in the car,” says Theresa Chmiel of Florida.

The RideSafer® Travel Vest is made of soft materials and fabric which children find comfortable. The RideSafer® is easy to use correctly every time in every vehicle. The child simply wears it like a vest, and the vehicle seatbelt goes through the guides on the vest to properly fit the seatbelt to the child. Parents can rest assured their special needs child is safe and comfortable in the RideSafer® Travel Vest.

“My daughter has multiple special needs and I’ve searched for another way to keep her safe in our vehicle. I couldn’t continue to pick 60 pounds up and put her in her 5-point [harness]. I actually saw a picture of a fellow mom of a special needs kiddo in her car—asked her what she was wearing and she sent me the link. Literally, an answered prayer! My daughter is in 25 hours of therapy a week and therefore I am overjoyed with the product and it’s ease of use!,” says Kandra Benton of Tennessee.

The RideSafer® is a revolutionary booster seat alternative for children to use in vehicles. The vest has met or exceeded all the the federal safety standards under FMVSS213 for child restraints issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The vest keeps the child’s center of gravity low in the vehicle seat which is beneficial during a crash, and it has layers of energy absorbing and dissipating materials in the front which distribute the crash force over a larger part of the body than just a seatbelt.

The Ride Safer Travel Vest has been crash tested to be used by children starting at 3-years-old. It is rated for children who weigh between 30 and 80 pounds. There are two sizes available to find the best fit for the child.

The vest is a good solution for travel with children, play dates or other times a parent would otherwise have to remove the child restraint from their vehicle and install in another one.

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